I know, it’s another acronym that only really geeky people understand…

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation, which is another really arrogant and over complicated description of what you need to do ensure your website appears in Google searches (or Bing, if you haven’t changed the default browser on your PC).

So, if you sell ‘red shoes in Islington’, you’d want to show up when someone looking to buy a pair of red shoes in Islington types something like that into Google, right?

That’s SEO in a nutshell – and if your site isn’t optimised, you won’t show up.

There are a million and one factors that affect your site’s SEO but content is a major one.

Google uses crawlers to scan your website to see if it can provide an answer to a user’s search.

So, if your content is non-existent, you’ll be non-existent to users and they’ll fly off somewhere else, presumably barefoot, to buy their red shoes.

The words on your website need to be optimised for keywords used by the very people you want to attract – your customers.

And those words need to be structured in a way that Google loves as much as those customers will.

But it’s not just about throwing a load of popular keywords at a page, either.

Google won’t rank poor content. It won’t rank thin content. And it certainly doesn’t like keyword stuffing.

So, basically what I’m saying is this: You need an SEO copywriter.

Like me…