I spent almost 20 years in newspapers, so I’ve seen print’s slow demise at close quarters.

But print still has its place in the marketing plan of any business.

And done well, it can have a massive impact on the people you want to reach.

What’s the most important aspect of any piece of print marketing, such as a poster, brochure, leaflet or print advert?

The image, or the words?

The answer is both. But one doesn’t work without the other.

Words carry as much, if not more, power than an image and have the ability to really spark emotion in the minds of your customers.

The right words alongside the right imagery can also make your business memorable, too.

Look at Nike’s ‘Just Do It’ or Kit-Kat’s ‘Have a Break’.

Those slogans were all penned by copywriters. Because copywriting isn’t all about blogging and SEO content, you know.

Three words can carry even more weight than 1,000 if they’re the right words…