I’m a freelance copywriter, former journalist and editor who spent almost two decades in newspapers.

I won a few awards and had far too many laughs and drunken nights out with brilliant people to mention.

But in 2017 I realised the news game was up, so ran for the hills and wrote a book.

Since then I’ve been creating, supplying, advising on and strategising over copy and content marketing for a whole host of businesses.

I’m a lover of honest, authentic and believable copy in an age when consumers of content have never been more aware of, and less likely to engage with, the poorly executed copy I constantly see swilling about online and offline.

Breaking through that noise has never been harder.

But it is possible to be heard. You just have to know your audience, know what they love, know what they hate and, most importantly, be brave with the things you say.

To write good copy, you have to walk in your audience’s shoes.

Who are they? Where do they hang out? What stuff do they like?

My role is to discover all that and write the words you need to convert that audience into loyal customers.